Exercising at home is just incredible if you’ve got the setup. Even exercising while working at your desk is entirely within your reach.

Can you imagine just what an incredible difference you’ll feel in your overall fitness if you’ve been on your feet, walking all day on your under desk treadmill while working at your desk all day?

It’s actually impossible to achieve that any other way. Well, unless you don’t sleep!

Here’s everything you need to make this happen:

Beyond that, imagine all the time you can save when you come home from work and can just straight-up hop on your exercise machine and really burn those calories and whip yourself up back into shape without having to drop a monthly subscription to the local gym.

Nevermind getting there and back in the first place. That’s even more commuting, and that’s time you could have spend really exercising… from the comfort of your own home.

Let me tell you, there are some clear winners as options for exercise machines you can use at home. Above all is a water rowing machine. I went through everything about choosing the right one for you in this post:

However, if space is an issue, this is the solution:

Other than that, older folk will really appreciate this guide I had in mind for them particularly:

Finally, here’s one for those of you who are just looking for low maintenance and reliability. What you might not know about them yet is just how good of a workout these really are. They’re really quite surprising:

I hope these posts about exercising from home have been useful to you. Let me know down in the comments below if you have any more questions about anything. And good luck!