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Another stunning Parisian apartment

I don’t know much about this amazing home except that it belongs to Anne Geistdorfer, it was designed by Double G, it’s located in the St Honore district in Paris, it’s 150sqm and . . . that it is gorgeous.

My favourite elements are those incredible blue and white tiles in the bathroom and the living room with its worn kilm, beautifully arranged bookshelves and wire chairs which logic dictates should be uncomfortable, but are really inviting. What do you like the most about this home?

Images via afflante


Forget Big, Go Huge: Super-sized prints and photos

Sometimes knowing what to do with a large expanse of walls can be overwhelming. Mirrors, vintage posters and gallery style art hangs  can all look amazing. Another way to create instant impact is through the use of oversized (and I mean huge) posters and prints. Take a look at these and let me know what you think.

via marianne cotterill

via apartment therapy

Glemham Hall, England via W Magazine

Archangel Hotel, Somerset

vía living etc

via W Magazine

via Nicolas Matheus

via marianne cotterill

via The Glow 

Jasper’s Room

This is my son Jasper’s room.

I combined things that we already owned with vintage, eBay and etsy purchases to create a jungle-inspired room.

The small size of the room 3m x 3.2m (9.8′ x 10.4′) and its location, upstairs away from the main activities of the house, meant I decided to dedicate the space to quiet activities: sleep, reading books and winding down at the end of a busy day.

The bookshelf we already owned. Andrew’s brother made it for him years ago and it’s proved to be perfect for Jasper’s room. It was a huge challenge getting it up the very narrow and steep stairs. At one point, we thought we’d have to remove a window and hoist it up from the outside!

Another reused item was the pendant Garland light which had been in our bedroom. It casts soft speckled light. I tried not to buy anything that we’d only have for a year or two. So, the Ikea dresser initially had a padded mat on top and functioned as a great little change table.

These teddies were knitted by my grandmother 30 years ago.

The biggest indulgence was the bed, which converts from a cot for a newborn baby to a bed for a 4 year old. I fell in love with it while I was pregnant and found an unused one on eBay for much less than the shop price.

Being a Melbourne boy he loves riding on trams and has his own W-class tram and insists that live stock travel on the trams too.

The armchair I found on eBay and had it recovered in teal wood. The sloth decal by the French company, e-glue, I ordered online. It took quite some time and patience to stick onto the wall, but worth the effort. The ‘sprout’ mobile by Puka Puka is an etsy find.

Another challenge was the large in-built wardrobe covering the largest wall of the room. For practical reasons (i.e. there is very limited storage in our house) we really had to keep it. The animal posters are prints of vintage postcards and hang on a wire curtain rail, so the pictures can be easily changed.

The toy box is an old African ice-cream seller’s box bought at a local coffee shop.

Miffy rarely sits on the dresser; normally she is tucked under his arm in the bed.

Paintings made especially for Jasper by our talented friend, Pacquita Maher, to celebrate Jasper’s birth and 1st Birthday. 

Jasper loves to read. These first edition Ant and Bee books, Andrew collected as a boy.

I will post a source list for everything in the next few days.

Living with vintage posters

Vintage posters have always been a love of mine, especially mid-century advertising posters by artists such as Bernard Villemot, Raymond Savignac and Pierre Fix-Massaeu.

Recently, I bought a Villemot poster to decorate our otherwise elegant (read: boring) bathroom. I love its boldness both in design and colour, as well as its playfulness. While a bathroom may initially seem like a strange place to hang such a fantastic image, I look at it when I am brushing my teeth, washing my face, having a shower and bathing my little boy; probably more often each day than if it were hanging in my living room.

So, here is my inspiration gallery of amazing vintage posters in contemporary interiors.

L’impermeable moderne c’est Blizzand (Red Raincoat for Audrey Hepburn) poster by Rene Gruau (1965) with a Featherstone chair; photograph by Lucy Feagins via The Design Files

Bergsol poster by Bernard Villemot (1975) via living etc

Cravate vintage poster by Jean Rouille (ca. 1930-1950); source unknown

Vintage poster advertising the Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter featured in living etc June 2009 via Femme de Montmartre

Pulmoo throat drops poster by Eric c. 1955; Styling by Katrine Martensen-Larsen; Photograph by Stuart McIntyre via KML Design


Pathe Marconi poster by Bernard Villemot (1970) in my bathroom in Melbourne, Australia

Mazdafluor poster by Herve Morvan (1957) with a Featherstone chair photograph by Lucy Feagins via The Design Files

Dubonnet vintage poster by Adolphe Mouron Cassandre (1932)’ Styling by Katrine Martensen-Larsen; Photograph by Stuart McIntyre via KML Design