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Monsieur Bleu Restaurant: The Palais de Tokyo Paris

Imagine this: inventing a character whom you wish to bring to life not as flesh and blood, but as an interior?

This is what French architect Joseph Dirand did when designing Monsieur Bleu the restaurant in new wing of the Palais de Tokyo, Paris. And to fully appreciate the design, it is important to understand that the Palais de Tokyo is dedicated to contemporary art.  And Dirand’s fictional character, Monsieur Bleu is “a true bourgeois gentleman, artist, gastronome and dandy that lives simultaneously within and outside the codes of the city, culture, conventions and everyday life.”


The interior of the restaurant is the epitome Paris chic: sensual fabrics, strong lines, quality materials and superb craftsmanship. The soft velvets in hues of greens and greys contrast both in colour and texture with the black and white tiled floors and smooth Carrara marble throughout.









It is stunning in a totally understated way. What I find particularly inspiring is Dirand’s creative process: the idea that a space is a person whom you are bring to life.  It is interior designer as author or playwright. It tickles my fancy!

Photos Adrien Dirand via Yatzer


Another stunning Parisian apartment

I don’t know much about this amazing home except that it belongs to Anne Geistdorfer, it was designed by Double G, it’s located in the St Honore district in Paris, it’s 150sqm and . . . that it is gorgeous.

My favourite elements are those incredible blue and white tiles in the bathroom and the living room with its worn kilm, beautifully arranged bookshelves and wire chairs which logic dictates should be uncomfortable, but are really inviting. What do you like the most about this home?

Images via afflante


An apartment in the Marais, Paris

If I were single and lived in Paris then this place would be my idea of heaven.  This 60sqm apartment in the super stylish Marais was designed by Josephine Gintzburger whose home I featured on urban kaleidoscope a few months back.

Josephine is the mistress of the eclectic look and uses furniture and features that really shouldn’t work together, but they do. I love the black lacquered floorboards and massive kitsch gold framed mirror, super-sized photographic artworks, pieces of mid-furniture and the stunning rows of crystal chandeliers contrasting with the naked bulbs and shinny red kitchen cabinets and benches. Not only does the ‘bad taste’ floral sofa work in this space without it the apartment would lack a sense of playfulness.

What a stunning view from the living/kitchen.

Josephine’s sense of irreverence is demonstrated in the salon hang of stamps framed in massive gilt frames in a toilet.

In the bedroom/bathroom the small space is cleverly configured with a half wall separating the bed from the shower. Tiled on the top it there is inbuilt storage on both sides: a bookcase near the bed and linen/towel cupboard on the other side. At its far end is bathroom sink.

It’s a good thing that I love my life otherwise I’d be heading to Paris and calling Josephine.

via Josephine Interior Design


An eclectic Parisian apartment

The 17th century apartment of fashionista turned interior designer, Josephine Gintzburger, embodies her penchant for “contrasts between clean, modern lines, and softer antique and vintage elements.” Located in the beating heart of Paris, near Les Halles, it’s a stunning marriage of old and new.

Josephine’s apartment was recently featured on the cover of Living etc, which is where I came across it. And while my tastes have been gravitating towards darker walls, I could not help but fall in love with the vibrancy of Josephine’s home.

What is that I love about it? The eclectic mix of vintage, antique, brand new, mass produced, kitsch and industrial. Original architectural detailing sits comfortably beside contemporary HD photographs, iconic pieces of mid-century furniture are placed next to mass-produced contemporary pieces: in the TV room the sofa is constructed of an Ikea frame and covered in cashmere flannel.

This joy of mixing things up is beautifully demonstrated in the kitchen in which worn original 3103 Arne Jacobsen chairs surround an industrial dissecting table above which hangs an antique crystal Empire chandelier which once belonged to Josephine’s grandmother. Stainless steel open shelving displays dainty tea-sets and delicate crystal. A red Arteluce wall light, kitsch Ettore Sottsass white-framed mirror and watercolour by famed fashion illustrator Rene Gruau give an otherwise functional room a sense of fun, intimacy and interest.

The bathroom is a similar mix of functional and quirky with its concrete shell, retro chandelier, mirrors and cupboard which date from the 1820s contrasting with the Alexander Timtschenko HD photograph.

Although, I do think that dark walls would make this already gorgeous place even better. What do you think?

Images via Living etc and TrendHome

Escape to Hotel du Petit Moulin, Paris

Designed by fashion great, Christian Lacroix, the Hotel du Petit Moulin, Paris is a feast for the eyes and the senses. Each of its 17 rooms are decorated differently with sumptuous colours, textures and light. But my favourite room must be 202 (the first photo below).

Images via hotel du petit moulin and cherie city