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Getting Down to Business: inspiring work spaces

Offices and work spaces are usually functional and totally uninspiring. Given that we can spend so much time of our lives in these environments with the aim of being as ‘productive’ as possible I wonder why so little attention is paid to making these spaces work for us.

Over the past year I have been blogging wherever I can find a fast internet connection which means usually in bed or on the floor or sofa in our living room, although, occasionally I can be found at my favourite cafe, De Clieu. But, I do fantasise about having a little nook (I don’t actually need an entire room) at home, a desk that is mine which serves no other purpose than to be a place where I blog and work. Given the size of our house and that every square inch is already in use it has been a challenge to find a suitable place. Then, the other day it struck me, something so obvious and perfect. It’s tiny, which is presenting its own design issues, and I can’t wait to share it with you in a few weeks.

In the meantime, here is some inspiration of some really lovely personality-filled work spaces.

via Coco Kelley

Görel Crona and Henry Von Koch’s office photographed for issue 11 of Sweet Home

via My Ideal Home

via Little Emma English Home

‘A Space of My Own’ by Caroline Clifton-Mogg via Remodelista

Styled by Jacob Hertzell via Emma’s Design Blog

Norm Architects ‘Raft’ table and stool for &tradition via Kool and Kreativ

via House to Home

via Solid Frog

Photographed by David Price via Desire to Inspire

Emma Cassi’s studio via Decor 8

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