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Living with books

My infatuation with the iPad has not decreased my devotion to books. Quite on the contrary, I am often surprised when I encounter a book-free home. Maybe that’s because one of my favourite occupations is to browse people’s bookshelves. It tells you so much about someone, as does their absence. Yet, stylish and functional living with books can be a challenge. Here are some wonderful examples of how this is done well.

Ceiling high bookshelves in the dining room of Diane Bergeron's warehouse home in Melbourne

Books are mixed with other objects in these shelves

The striking green curtain creates a dramatic effect

A colour coded library for the aesthete

A comfortable place to read is an essential part of a home library

Pierre Yovanovitch's modern and bright living room with library, Paris

Here the dining room table becomes a workspace and the books a conversation piece

Karl Lagerfeld in his stunning library

Image credits: Diane Bergeron, Living Inc via desiretodecorate, via iappreciatethat, chotda via flickr, bellevivir via splendidwillow, Pierre Yovanovitch via bellevivir, Karl Lagerfeld’s library via TheDBFiles