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Ascending into the Clouds: Fornasetti’s Nuvolette

Recently, the fabulously talented Matthew Collins wallpapered the entire stairwell of my house in Fornasetti’s Nuvolette. It is, oh, so beautiful. Something incredible happens when wrap an entire room in wallpaper . . . you are subsumed.


After years of being considered passé, wallpaper has made a huge comeback, especially as feature walls. While these can look great, it usually ends up appearing timid . . . lacking in confidence. You  loose the impact and the transformative quality that wallpaper can bring. I say, commit yourself fully, throw yourself in and paper an entire room. You won’t regret it.


Ahhhh, who knew that some paper stuck to a wall could make me this happy.

Photos are mine.


Intimate dark atmospheric bedrooms

Dark bedrooms are on my mind. I recently painted our bedroom really dark (Porter Paints’ Triple Strength Lead). It looks incredible. It’s not black, but almost. The colour of artist’s charcoal. Hanging on the main wall (the one I see  when wake up every morning) is a mural from Surface View. There are some small touches that still need to be done before the big reveal . . . but, so far I love it.

In the meantime, here are some dark bedrooms to whet your appetite (and one pink one, just because I love it). The first is possibly my favourite. It just makes you want to sink into those sheets . . .


via live creating yourself


Sam Roddick’s Bedroom via Living etc


The bedroom of the Queen of Darkness herself, Abigail Ahern


via Lonny


via house to home

Riding the wave darkness euphoria, I went dark in the dining room . . . and I am not sure yet whether I love it or whether it actually depresses me. Stay tuned.



My wallpapered bathroom featured on Abigail Ahern’s blog

For those of you who have been reading my blog, you’ll know what a fan I am of Abigail Ahern. She is an inspiration. And unlike many people in the world of design and interiors she is down-to-earth, engaging, but also incredibly generous with her ideas and even gladly shares her sources. But I am getting side tracked . . . I am absolutely thrilled that she featured my bathroom on her blog today. I am speechless . . . Thanks Abi.

Thank you to Moja 4 Zida Magazine

A huge thanks to Martina Vukoja the editor of Moja 4 Zida, an ueber-stylish Croatian magazine for featuring my house in its current (September 2012) issue.

Now I just need to find someone to translate for me . . .

The French Jewel Box, Melbourne

My favourite antique jewellery shop is The French Jewel Box in Melbourne’s historic Block Arcade. Even if I did not have a personal connection with this gem (it is owned and run by my dearest friend, Louise, and her mother Mary-Lou) I’d love it. Each piece whether it is antique, vintage or bespoke has been individually chosen for its beauty, craftsmanship and the highest grade materials.

Possibly one of the smallest shop spaces anywhere (it measures only just 2 x 4 metres), it is like a tiny treasure chest. Most of the stock is artfully displayed in copper edged cabinets facing into one of Melbourne’s landmark arcades, the Block Arcade. Outside is a remarkable 19th century mosaic tiled floor, and above are a cornucopia of florid Victorian excess. Even with all of the attractions of the arcade, I challenge anyone interested in beauty to walk past the French Jewel Box without stopping.

Recently the shop closed its doors for renovations and the results are stunning. The new fit-out designed by Louise includes ornate cornices, mirrored cabinets, a six-arm chandelier, sumptuous gilt framed mirror,  but most of all the stunning pearlescent coronation pink damask ‘St Germain’ wallpaper by Laura Ashley in all the cabinets. The walls have been painted in the most delicate palest of pale pink “Haute” in Porter’s Paints Duchess Satin. The results are stunning: sophisticated, feminine and subtle and speak for themselves.

If you’re a local, or just visiting Melbourne, drop by and tell Louise you’re an Urban Kaleidoscope reader.

All photos by me (Kate Challis)