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“Aesthetically Flawless”: Septime Restaurant, Paris

I have just returned from Paris with my hubbie and son. While junior has been aboard before, this was the first time on a long-haul flight (12 hrs from Singapore to Paris). We had heard horror stories of children suffering from jet lag so we psychologically armed ourselves with plans of lego in the middle of the night. We’d take turns and reasoned we will be in Paris, so it’s just one of those things you do if you want to travel with a child. And like most parental expectations, it did not come to fruition: Jasper went to bed late (10pm) and woke up late (9am).

We had an amazing time and 10 days was still not enough. What struck me about Paris was the amount of non-franchised small owner run businesses: whether it be clothing, food or other retail. Almost totally absent from the landscape were the global brands. Of course, they exist but not to the same level of market saturation as elsewhere on the planet (think of London and New York).

Today, I bring you Septime, a small restaurant owned by chef Bertrand Grebaut in the 11th arrondissement. The New York Times critic described the food as ”aesthetically flawless” and I would say the same about the space. It is minimal, yet complex.


The beautifully designed space is industrial meets rustic with its heavy old wooden tables, modern Tom Dixon chairs, industrial Dutch lamp shades, cement clad walls, traditional tiled floors and large antiqued industrial mirrors. The results are a warm, yet understated interior.








I love the interiors and can see loads of ideas which could be effectively used in residential homes.Do you like it or do you like more grandeur?

Sadly, I did not go to Septime as I did not know of its existence, but there is always the next trip.

Images via Remodelista

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