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A Sleek White Art Filled Parisian Apartment

I find the houses of architects and interior designers particularly interesting as they are the ultimate showcase of that person’s work. This is certainly the true of the Parisian apartment of Patrick Gilles and Dorothee Boissier who run the the architecture and design practice Gilles & Bossier.


This minimal white, almost monastic, home honours its history complete with herringbone floors, wooden paneling, high ceilings, large rooms, French windows and intricate plasterwork. And yet, it is a modernist shrine. In many ways, it is a blank canvas for an incredible art collection which mostly leans against walls. Indeed, it feels like you could be in a modern art gallery rather than someone’s home. I love the sparse aesthetic that celebrates art and artisans. The white furniture fades into the background. There is no colour nor patterns throughout the house, yet texture used to create visual interest and warmth.


UrbanKaleidoscopeGillesetBoissier05 UrbanKaleidoscopeGillesetBoissier02


UrbanKaleidoscopeGillesetBoissier06 UrbanKaleidoscopeGillesetBoissier07 UrbanKaleidoscopeGillesetBoissier08 UrbanKaleidoscopeGillesetBoissier09 UrbanKaleidoscopeGillesetBoissier13

UrbanKaleidoscopeGillesetBoissier10 UrbanKaleidoscopeGillesetBoissier18

UrbanKaleidoscopeGillesetBoissier11 UrbanKaleidoscopeGillesetBoissier12 UrbanKaleidoscopeGillesetBoissier14 UrbanKaleidoscopeGillesetBoissier19 UrbanKaleidoscopeGillesetBoissier20

There is something incredibly calming and peaceful about what they have created. While I am not sure I would call it inviting, it is certainly inspiring.

photos Birgita Wolfgang Drejer / Sister Agency

via Yatzer



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  1. sue #

    i think i’d need a few more signs of life on display, but i love the bones of this home & a lot of the furnishings are very much to my taste…

    May 14, 2013
    • kate #

      Yes, I agree Sue. The bones are divine, but it is very constructed.

      May 14, 2013

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