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Archive for October, 2011

The marvellous Abigail Ahern

Recently I discovered that one of my favourite interior designers is Abigail Ahern. Why only recently? Well, I have been admiring her work long before I knew the identity of the designer.

Abigail’s eclectic style combines eras, textures and colours in a playful casual way. Many themes I have blogged about over the past months are part of her signature style such as combing antique tables with modern chairs, stark bold colours in otherwise monotone rooms, industrial windows, gorgeous alternatives to industrial lampshades and velvet sofas.

These pictures makes me feel quite dissatisfied with my own house. I think it’s time to shake things up a bit.

Abigail’s blog is also really worth following. In the meantime, I am going to have a cup of tea and dream about that huge chandelier in the first picture, which I initially thought was paper, but no it is made of porcelain each piece rolled in muslin for texture.

Design Sponge


The Selby


Abigail Ahern’s A Girl’s Guide to Decorating via Cup Cake Junky


The Selby


Design Sponge


Abigail Ahern’s A Girl’s Guide to Decorating via Cup Cake Junky


The Selby


Design Sponge


Design Crisis

Design Sponge



Design Sponge


Abigail Ahern’s A Girl’s Guide to Decorating via Cup Cake Junky 

The Selby

Escape to Hüttenpalast, Berlin

“There has to be more to life than having everything,” said children’s book author and illustrator, Maurice Sendack. This is a philosophy that the quirky hotel Huettenpalast, Berlin embraces fully.

If camping is your style, then this place located in an old vacuum cleaner factory might just be your thing. And if it is not, then it still looks like great fun. Guests can choose to sleep in retro caravans or little cabins. And the communal indoor camping village comes complete with real birch trees.

A choice between the Hotel Adlon and the Huettenpalast, I know where my 2 year old (and for that matter, his parents too) would prefer to spend the night.

Image Credit Die Spiegel

A new take on an old bath tub

Patricia Urquiola does it again with her modern take on a classic steel bath tub.

Although, I must confess I have seen this tub before and it hasn’t hit the sweet spot. Yet, the designer of this room has pulled it altogether with a tight palate and contrasting textures: velvety taupe walls, concrete grey floors, black steel bath and lamp, black wooden shutters and door and window frames. And the sleek white spout that is an uncanny contrast and it yet utterly complementary. The results are stunning.

The Vieques bath tub is manufactured by Agape.

Image via April and May

New trends in lighting

As I have mentioned in previous posts industrial lamp shades have run their course. They are overexposed and appear everywhere. As really great design combines an element of the unexpected and unusual, let’s look at some gorgeous lighting alternatives.

via kool and kreativ


Alvar Aalto Pendant Lamp A330 via roseland greene

Coco Flip Lamps via design attractor


the style files

Abigail Ahern via the Design Sponge

Escape to Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali

Today’s escape is to the magical island of Bali and specifically to the stunning Alila Villas in Uluwatu. Perched on a cliff top on the southern coastline of the island, the resort was designed by Singapore based firm, WOHA.  With its ultra modern lines and locally sourced materials, Alila Villas combines luxury and beauty with environmentally sustainable design principles.

I adore those slatted pavilions made of  recycled timber and bronze. Not only are they beautiful, but the design serves a practical purpose: to enable the cooling breeze to circulate.

And let’s not forget about the views, ahhhh those views . . .